International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond

September 6-10, 2015, Moscow, Russia



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08 September 2015, 16:30-18.40, Room N

P1. Maria Stogova, Marina Mamonova and Vladimir Prudnikov (Omsk F. M. Dostoevsky State University), Computer calculations of energy and magnetic characteristics of substitutional adsorption of the monolayer iron film in depend of surface face orientation.
P2. Anna P. Soldusova, Pavel V. Prudnikov and Maria A. Medvedeva (Omsk State University), Monte-Carlo simulation of ultrathin magnetic films critical behavior.
P3. Yanina Parshakova and Andrey Ivantsov (Institute of continuous media mechanics UB RAS), Modeling of stratified flows in the problem of the morphological behavior of a sandpit.
P4. Andrey Ivantsov and Tatyana Lyubimova (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS), Settling of a liquid drop in a porous medium saturated by another liquid.
P5. Tatyana Lyubimova and Nadezhda Zubova (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS), Vibrational convection of ternary mixture in a closed cavity in zero gravity conditions.
P6. Kamal Khizriev, Akai Murtazaev and Taa Taaev (Amirkhanov Institute of Physics, Daghestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Investigation of phase transition of the model magnetic hard/soft bilayer by the Monte Carlo method.
P7. Andrew Shcherbakov and Marat Biktimirov (National Research University "Higher School of Economics", Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics), Personal assistant with components of artificial intellect.
P8. Svetlana Shikota (Science Center in Chernogolovka), Transformation of IT infrastructure of science centre and data intensive processing.
P9. Yanina Parshakova and Andrey Ivantsov (Institute of continuous media mechanics UB RAS), Numerical investigation directional solidification of binary alloys under the action of rotational vibrations.
P10. Marina Kashina (Perm State University) and Aleksey Alabuzhev (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS), The oscillations of cylindrical drop under influence of nonuniform alternating electric field.
P11. Mariya Kaysina (Perm State University) and Aleksey Alabuzhev (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS), Influence of contact line motion on translation vibrations of a cylindrical bubble.
P12. Julia Dubenskaya, Alexander Kryukov, Andrey Demichev (SINP MSU, Moscow) and Nikolay Prikhodko (NovSU, Veliky Novgorod), New security infrastructure model for distributed computing systems.
P13. Anastasia Batanova and Pavel Dyshlovenko (Ulyanovsk State Technical University), Elastic constants of charge stabilized colloidal crystal with body-centered cubic lattice.
P14. Alexander Vasiliev (Kazan Federal University), A Model of Quantum Communication Device for Quantum Hashing.
P15. Denis Goldobin and Anastasiya Pimenova (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS), Coherence of noisy oscillators with delayed feedback inducing multistability.
P16. Nikolay Prikhodko, Viktor Abramovsky, Natalia Abramovskaya (NovSU, Veliky Novgorod), Andrey Demichev, Alexander Kryukov (SINP MSU, Moscow) and Stanislav Polyakov (NovSU, Veliky Novgorod), A Web Tools for Research in Nonlinear Optics.
P17. Anastasiya Pimenova and Denis Goldobin (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS), Boiling of oil fields by lava intrusions.
P18. Lev Barash (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics) and Alexander Tchekhovskoy (UC Berkeley), High accuracy relativistic magnetohydrodynamics with OpenACC and MPI.
P19. Alexander Chernyshev and Alexander Schmidt (Ioffe Institute), Impact of gas diffusion on bubbly flow pattern.
P20. Sergei Mariin (ITMO University), Preselecting resources to improve scientific workflows scheduling efficiency in cloud environments.
P21. Liliia Ziganurova (Higher School of Economics) and Lev Shchur (Science Center in Chernogolovka), Virtual Time Profile Modeling in Parallel Discrete Event Simulation.
P22. Dmitry Glyzin, Vyacheslav Golubenets and Daniil Frolov (P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University), Software Toolkit for Interactive Simulations of Reaction-Diffusion Problems on HPC Clusters.
P23. Maria Guskova (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Lev Shchur and Lev Barash (Science Center in Chernogolovka), RNGAVXLIB: Program library for random number generation, AVX realization.
P24. Boris Korneev (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) and Vadim Levchenko (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics). Detailed numerical simulation of shock-body interaction in 3D multicomponent flow.
P25. Dmitry Zendrikov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) and Alexander Paraskevov (National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute"). Autowaves of spiking activity synchronization in a model neuronal network with relaxational synaptic plasticity.
P26. Tatiana Savelieva, Sergey Model and Victor Loschenov (GPI RAS), Numerical modelling of light transport in human ocular fundus for photodynamic therapy planning.