International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond

September 6-10, 2015, Moscow, Russia



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Scientific program and topics

Program of the conference "Computer Simulations in Physics and beyond" is concentrated on the analysis and discussion of research and activity in computer simulations which generally meets on the boundary of scientific branches, i.e. which are multidisciplinary research. Multidisciplinary is essential of the knowledge evolution, in our case it is connected with the knowledge outcome due to the using computer as research tool. It is clear that it is possible only by combination of knowledge from researcher with different scientific background and different competence. Development of computations demonstrates that computational algorithms and methods of simulations could not be related to some particular research area and is rather lies on the cross-border. Accordingly, program committee members reflects that rainbow of our program and their expertize in informatics, applied mathematics, statistical physics, computational physics, quantum computing, bioinformatics, quantum chemistry, etc.

Conference program are based also on the leading activity of Russian researchers in computing, physics, mathematics, and biology.

Important feature of the conference is a large number of young researchers and students, with poster and oral presentations.

Scientific program are consists with 4 types of presentation.
1. Plenary talks. Invited plenary speakers, leading researches in the field, will give plenary talks. Talks would be of review type, with focus on the computational methods and results in the field of research. Plenary talks are scheduled for each day before lunch and lasts 40 minutes.
2. Invited talks at parallel sections. Invited 30 minutes talks are the basis for sectional work.
3. Contributed talks of 20 minutes at parallel sections. Selection for contributed talks provided by the international program committee. We plan combine program into 12 sections, with 4-5 sections running in parallel at each afternoon. We keep at least one slot for young researchers in each section.
4. Poster contribution. Each participant is eligible for at least poster presentation. Best poster prize will be awarded for the best poster by young researcher.

Topics of parallel sections
1. Simulations in Statistical Physics
2. Physics and mechanics of polymers
3. Space research: simulations and big data
4. Methods and software for simulations in research and engineering (hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, etc.)
5. Simulation of brain activity
6. Bioinformatics, methods and algorithms in genome research
7. Methods and algorithms in drug development
8. Simulations in material science
9. Simulation and analysis of social networks
10. Simulation and analysis of technical networks (roads, urban transportation, data networks, etc.)
11. Algorithms, methods, and tools with properties of scalability and enhanced parallel simulations
12. Informatics and education