International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond

September 6-10, 2015, Moscow, Russia



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Local organizing committee

Belov Alexander - chair; director, Department of Applied Mathematics, HSE

Uvaysov Saygid - vice-chair; vice-director, MIEM HSE

Linetskiy Boris - head, department of research, MIEM HSE

Krashakov Serge - Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

Shikota Svetlana - Science Center in Chernogolovka RAS

Titkova Nadezhda - MIEM HSE

Ivanov Ilya - MIEM HSE

Advisory Board

Tikhonov Alexander - academician of RAO, chair

Evtushenko Yuri - academician of RAS

Zelenyi Lev - academician of RAS

Ivannikov Viktor - academician of RAS

Litvak Alexander - academician of RAS

Chetverushkin Boris - academician of RAS

Program Committee (to be confirmed)

Adler Joan - Technion, Israel

Andreoni Wanda - Technical University of Lozanna, Switzerland

Biktimirov Marat - Federal Research Center for Informatics and Control, Russia

Chetty Nithaya - University of Pretoria, South Africa

Ciccotti Giovanni - University of Rome, Italy

Hansen Alex - University of Trondheim, Norway

Janke Wolfhard - Leipzig University, Germany

Kertesz Janos - Budapest University, Hungary

Lebedev Vladimir - Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russia

Lin Hai-Qing - Beijing Computational Science Research Center, China

Nazirov Ravil - Institute of Space Research, Russia

Novotny Mark - Mississippi State University, USA

Shchur Lev - Science Center in Chernogolovka, Russia

Starobinsky Alexei - Landau Institute, Russia

Takabe Hideaki - Osaka University, Japan

Xiantu He - Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China

Conference Chair

Lev Shchur